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Welcome to our exciting world of green, sustainable, eco-friendly living. We offer space saving, micro, off-the-grid housing solutions and service the entire South-Africa and beyond. Our factory is situated in Paarl, Western Cape, but we have the infrastructure in place to deliver nationally. Repurposed high cube shipping containers are exclusively used, for practical reasons. Each container has the following dimensions – 12.19 m Length x 2,45 m Wide x 2,9 m Height.

Our CEO Mr. John Venter was speaker at The World Green Building Convention, which was held in November 2015 at the CTICC. We were simply blown away with the response and decided there and then to take this idea from concept to production. Each of our 30m2 cutting edge pod homes offers a completely off-the-grid solution on condition that you approach this lifestyle with a conservative angle of no wastage or excess usage. At Umnyama Ikhaya we integrate gas, wind, solar, waterless toilets, green growing façade, rainwater harvesting systems, inverter, batteries, solar pump and more to offer you a unique lifestyle independent from the grid. Each unit is however manufactured to plug into a main water and electrical supply in case of emergency. Units comes fully finished with appliances and an inventory can be furnished on request. Units are completely pre-fabricated at our factory and then transported to any site depending on our clients location.

We are also proud to say that Greenfin is our finance partner and that local government is supportive of our unique venture. Our aim is to not only help make this world a greener, cleaner place, but also save water, get involved in skills development programs, create employment, drive the cost down of off-the-grid technology and many more. Everything about our concept has the feel good factor written all over it and we invite you all to be part of this amazing journey.

Our moto is “you dream it we build it” so be assured that our services is not limited to our 30m2 pod homes. We are a modular building company that can build anything from a garage, school, apartment block, luxury home, library, shopping centre, spaza shop and anything you our client can dream up. We love a challenge so please share every idea with us as we will surely come up with a practical solution. In cases where these homes will be required as permanent structures we utilise the services of registered local BEE contractors in a specific area for the foundations. We recommend 6 x reinforced concrete pier foundations with a minimum ground clearance of 40cm.

Umnyama Ikhaya is currently setting up agents / agencies nationally to assist by bringing our products to the market. This offers huge income potential to the successful candidate as the national interest in this product was beyond our wildest expectations. If you are interested in becoming an agent / agency please contact John Venter on john@umnyamaikhaya.co.za We are passionate about upcycling and cannot wait to have the entire nation behind us. Only then once we all stand together can we make an impact that will change this world for the better.

Our team of professionals are ready to assist every step of the way. Looking forward to being of service.

Umnyama Ikhaya

Umnyama Ikhaya

Umnyama Ikhaya

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